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October 8, 2018



We had this crazy hot summer for so long, and now all of the sudden... POOF! It's October and finally sweater weather (thank goodness)!  I'm usually a warm weather person, but this summer was a scorcher, so am incredibly happy to break out my sweaters and cute boots again!


That being said, I realize the majority of my posts (when I've had time) are about mainly fashion-related topics.  And while I (and so many others) love fashion, I'm also ready to mix it up a bit and add some more topics to this blog of mine.  And I wanted to share with you my newest adventure.  And I really think you're going to like it. 


I've recently decided to become a consultant for Beauty Counter.  


What is Beauty Counter, you ask? 


It's a whole lot of awesome, actually.  Beauty Counter has an incredible line of skin care, cosmetic, and bath & body products for the entire family.  The reason I decided to become a Consultant is for two reasons:


1.  I am in love with their mission. 

Beauty Counter uses safer, cleaner ingredients in their makeup and skin care products, without sacrificing the quality of the products.   

I first learned about Beauty Counter a couple of years ago from my friend Heather who was a newer consultant at the time (she's now a Senior Director - go girl!).  I had never really thought about the products that I had been putting on my skin and never realized that anything in those products could be potentially harmful to me.  

Beauty Counter has something called The Never List, which is a list of over 1500 questionable or harmful chemicals that Beauty Counter never uses as ingredients in their products, as the chemicals on this list are linked to things from allergies, to hormone disruption, to cancer, all sorts of things that we shouldn't have to worry about when we put on our moisturizer or mascara. 

When I looked at this list... I was stunned, but even more so once I looked at the ingredients in the products that I was currently using, and realized that my products contained ingredients listed on The Never List.


2.  I am in love with their products. 

I'm not just saying this because I am a consultant, I can promise you that.  I've been slowly switching over my skincare and cosmetic products since I heard about Beauty Counter, and I can honestly say that I am absolutely obsessed with everything that I've been able to use so far.  These products are top notch and I feel so much better about what I am using because I know they are safer products.  Also - the packaging is pretty amazing too :). 





So, all of this to say that you will be seeing a lot more about Beauty Counter on this blog as well as my Instagram page @blossomandflair.  I will be posting things like tutorials as well as product reviews, and customer deals.  


If the information in this blog post intrigues you at all and you would like to learn more about safer beauty, please leave a comment here for me - I would love to talk with you more about the movement for safer beauty and share more about these products with you. 


I do have products that you can try out to help you find  what will be best for your skin type, and you can also purchase products when you visit my Beauty Counter website .


See you soon! :)













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