De-Code the Dress Code (Wedding Guest Attire)

July 7, 2018

Hi Everyone! 


So I've been a bit MIA lately...I really have no great excuse for it - just the normal day to day: work, family, busy summer schedules, etc.  (come to think of it, those are actually very real excuses that I know everyone can relate to).


Anyhoo, this is the first afternoon in a while where I've actually had some time to sit down and work on the blog - so I am taking full advantage, as I wanted to publish this particular post weeks ago.  Plus I think that everyone can relate to the struggle that is "What on earth do I wear?", as we are smack dab in the middle of wedding season.  So today we are talking about weddings, dress codes and some good ideas for what to wear when there is a dress code.  


In these situations, I always love to refer to "The Little Black Book of Style" by Nina Garcia.  It's such a great tool for women because it goes over everything from finding your own personal style, style tips, and 'what to wear and when', which is so helpful when you are just unsure and need a bit of guidance.  There are many different kinds of dress codes (people have gotten especially creative over the years), but today we will just go over the basic three.



I've only been to a couple of black tie events in my life (the most recent being a wedding a couple of years ago), and I had so much fun dressing for this and seeing what others wore. I felt like we were transported to the Oscars! :)


Sometimes we have the tendency to get really nervous when we hear the term 'black tie',  but I really think in this particular situation, it's your chance to really shine. And, I think a common misconception is this: the invitation states 'black - tie', therefore I must wear black.  This is untrue.  Don't get me wrong - because I absolutely LOVE black dresses.  And of course you should wear black if that is what you feel most comfortable with and/or the stunner gown you are wearing just so happens to be black, BUT also remember that black tie is actually the perfect time to be adventurous and try bold colors, dazzling jewelry, dramatic make-up, etc.


At a black tie event, men typically would wear a tuxedo and women are expected to be in a long dress (or a cocktail dress). Here are a few perfect options that I found for what to wear to a black tie wedding if you have one coming up this summer, and I've linked all of the dresses for easy shopping.


1. Dress the Population - Sandra Plunge Crepe Trumpet Gown


 2. Dress the Population - Karen Mermaid Gown

 3. Vince Camuto - One Shoulder Ruffle Gown

 4. Marina - Sequin Lace One-Shoulder Gown

 5. Dress the Population - Leticia Plunging Floral Gown








Really, what this means is a shorter dress, amazing heels and beautiful jewelry.  You could also wear an elegant jumpsuit/romper (cocktail is also my favorite kind of attire). 


1. Eliza J - One-Shoulder Ruffle Sheath Dress


 2. Eliza J - One Shoulder Twist Front Sheath Dress

 3. Bailey 44 - Sidewinder One-Shoulder Body-Con Dress

4. Felicity & Coco - Monrow Flutter Hem Midi Dress

 5. Vince Camuto - Off the Shoulder Dress









You have a lot of freedom to be creative, as you can wear a dress, skirt or pants - but never (under any circumstances) wear jeans to a wedding.  As the great Nina Garcia would say, someone is extending an invitation to you, make the effort. 


1. Eliza J - Cutout Back Jumpsuit

 2. AFRM - Bowen Wrap Maxi Dress

 3. Chelsea28 - Off the Shoulder Gingham Maxi Dress

 4. Eliza J - Floral Print Ruffle Skirt

 5. Love, Fire - Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress



I hope that you find some good ideas from this post!  So, do any of you have weddings coming up with any particular dress code?  What will you be wearing? I'd love to hear!







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