Holiday Gift Guide for Her - Under $50

December 8, 2017


This week, I wanted to compile a list of some no-fail gifts that I am sure every female would absolutely love.  The nice thing about these are that they are all under $50.00, and I've linked all of them here for easy shopping.  


So lets get started!



1.  CC Beanie with Pom.  For a while I've seen these hats everywhere in just about every color.  I believe they come as a plain beanie, or with a pom (pictured).  I personally think the pom on the back is adorable, so I went with this beige beanie because I figured this color would match with just about anything.  I really love this one because not only is it cute, but its lined with this really soft material, so your head really does stay warm and its not itchy.  You can buy these hats many places, but I linked this to Amazon. 


2. Evergreen or Pine Scented Candle.  I love this scent, especially now, because this is the first year in a very long time, that we decided to get an artificial Christmas Tree in lieu of a real tree.  Needless to say, I have been lighting this candle non-stop.  The candle that I currently burn is by Makers of Wax Goods (it was a great TJ Maxx find, but I'm not seeing it on any website), so I've linked some options thru Yankee Candle Company.


 3. A pretty scarf. There are so many options, but I've linked this Topshop scarf thru Nordstrom. 


4. Lip Gloss.  I think of Lip Gloss the same way I think of shoes: You can never have too many.  I mean really, a girl needs options. I've linked Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss.  I love how it looks, smells, and makes my lips feel really soft. 



5.  Statement Earrings.  I've got a thing for big chunky earrings right now.  There are so many colorful and inexpensive options out and it's really hard to contain myself and not buy every pair that I see.  I've linked a recent purchase of mine (very inexpensive), they are by Sugarfix By Baublebar and you can find these exclusively at Target.  


6. Slippers.  I personally like them to have a sturdy sole because I am clumsy and have been known to slip and fall down our carpeted stairs from time to time.   I've linked this pair of Minnetonka Mule Slippers that are super cute and have sturdy soles. 

 7. A cute travel coffee mug.  I have my cup of coffee every single morning as I drive to work, so travel mugs at our house are a must.  Especially super cute ones like this. 

  8. Pajama Sets. This adorable set is from Target.  


9. A cute clutch purse.  This one pictured is from Sole Society.  I love this brand because they have such cute bags and accessories, shoes, jewelry - you name it, but they really are reasonably priced.  I've linked this bag thru Nordstrom, but check out the Sole Society website sometime to get a feel for all of their products. 


10. A cute sweater.  This adorable bell sleeve wrap sweater is from J. Crew.  




So there you have it.  10 no-fail gifts that wont break the bank. Hopefully this will help if anyone is struggling to come up with ideas. 


On another note, I would really love to know what kinds of family traditions you do every year at Christmas, as I always think its fun to hear what other families do and get good ideas of new traditions that maybe we should start.  Feel free to comment below.









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