The Little Black Dress (aka The Most Important Item In Your Closet).

November 9, 2017


So for this week, we are switching gears a little bit, to fashion.  I am not a fashion expert by any means, but, like so many of us, I love fashion and I love to shop!


Being a working mom, I can genuinely say that one of my favorite things to do is to get dressed up.  Although these "fancy" times don't really come around very often, knowing that my husband and I have someplace new and fun to go, paired with the reality that I actually have to look presentable because I am going to be around other humans (ie: wash and style my hair, put on make-up, get out of yoga pants), truly excites me.  


Sometimes the 'what to wear' part can be a bit of a challenge though. There have been many times where I've tried on 7+ outfits that I absolutely loathe in that moment, and if you can, picture these items of clothing zooming through the air, out of the closet door,  and landing in a heaping pile on the bathroom floor (because I have launched them across the room).  After this happens, I usually sit down next to the pile, feeling defeated and infuriated (and also sweaty due to the infuriated-ness).  Then, after a few minutes of sitting and gathering my life back together is when the light bulb goes off in my brain (better late then never, right?), and I get up and find my go-to Little Black Dress.  


The Little Black Dress (or as some call, The LBD) is by far one of the most essential pieces that I believe every woman should have in her closet.  This dress is going to be your go-to, your no-fail, your old faithful.  Whether it be a lovely date night, a cocktail party, a girls night out, a wedding, or an event where you aren't exactly sure what to wear...the foolproof little black dress will always save the day (or night) and make you feel fabulous.


Back in the spring, I purchased the perfect  LBD from Nordstrom.  Unfortunately, this dress is sold out at the moment.   I've linked a couple of other really cute dresses here and here.  



When I am considering a new staple piece to add to my closet, such as a LBD, I tend to look for more of a classic style that isn't too trendy, and made with sturdy material.  The reason being is that I am not planning to swap this dress out every season, so I want it to be versatile and I want it to last.  The surprising thing about this dress is that I got it for just under $100, which to me, is actually not that big of an investment for a dress that I KNOW I will wear again and again. 


The nice thing about classic styles, is that they can easily be dressed up (or down) depending on what type of accessories you choose to wear.  Its amazing how looks can change with something simple like what type of jewelry you are wearing, the perfect high heel (whether it be black open toed sandals, or nude pumps or a a heel with a bright pop of color), adding a pretty belt, or even a leather jacket (depending on what kind of event and what your style is).  



Speaking of accessories, these  tassel earrings below are from Target.  Not only are they fabulous (in my opinion), but they are super affordable. I've linked some other fun options here and here.  



I purchased this belt below from BCBG  a few years ago, but I still get lots of wear out of it on formal occasions.  If I am wearing this belt, I usually wont wear a necklace and will try to keep the rest of my jewelry pretty minimal, because this belt has a lot of POP to it.  This particular belt is no longer in stock obviously, but I've linked a similar belt here that is super affordable and would be a perfect way to 'dress up' the LBD for a more formal event. 




This jacket below is from Zara and it gives this a bit of an edgier look, which would probably be more suitable for a less formal event. This jacket is no longer in stock, but I have linked a similar jacket here.



As you can clearly see, the LBD is anything but boring because you can dress it up in so many ways! 


So in conclusion, the next time you are getting ready to go out to that fancy dinner, or an event that you are just stumped as far as what to wear, please try your hardest to avoid the maniacal closet tornado and just remember that when all else fails:  reach for your favorite LBD.  You will be looking fabulous in no time (and if you are anything like me, you won't have a pile of clothing to hang back up either).









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