Well hello there!

I was born and raised (and still reside) in Kansas City, MO with my husband, Luke, and our two little ones at home, Reid and Sloane. 

I am super excited to announce that I am a new blogger and  learning every day that I still have a LOT to learn! Ha!


From a very young age, I have always had a passion for all forms of art and, really, anything creative. The reason that I decided to start this blog is so that it can be somewhat of a creative outlet to share about things that I really love. So, you'll probably see a lot of posts on Fashion, Beauty, Décor, as well as Healthy Living and Family.

Another thing that I am really excited about  is getting to connect with people that have some of the same passions.  I encourage you to leave comments and let me know your thoughts because I really want to get to know about you!


To those of you that are kind enough to follow along on this new blogging adventure with me, I sincerely thank you, as your support means so much.  I hope you enjoy!





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